Temperature Tests 2023

We’ll follow the progress of this native bee box with two probes, showing the differences in temperatures between ambient, edge and brood.

This is a two month old split of Tc in a standard 25mm box. The photos are from October 5, 2022.

It’s important to know exactly where your sensors are inside your colony. If you just drill a hole in the back and stick a sensor in you don’t know where the sensor is, and even then with what i have done here, you don’t know if the bees have shifted the brood over a little bit which could affect your numbers. You would have to open the colony and occasionally check the position.

December 2022 – Summer

Below: “outside brood” has since been changed to “honey pots”

January 2023

Below: Three day chart. Day one and two the box only gets morning sun. Day three the box was moved to full sun all day with no roof.

February 2023

Below: Colony 1 and 4 should be similar in strength and use the same hive box design so just confirm each other for brood temps.

March 2023

April 2023

May 2023

Below: Same chart as above with 4 colonies. There would be quite a few differences between the colony strength, brood probe position and box design, though there’s only two to three degrees difference between each colony.

June 2023 – Winter

For June and July of 2023 I placed the hives at Pine Mountain Qld (Near Ipswich) hoping for some colder temperatures and we did get down to 3°C. One interesting detail here on colony 1 is that on the coldest day the ambient temp was 3°C, the honey pot area was 9°C and the brood was 22°C. So within the distance of the honey pots to the brood the temperature difference was 13°C. The involucrum was doing a great job here.

July 2023

Chart below: Three colonies, brood and honey pot temperatures.

Photo of box with three sensors: The ambient sensor in the photo was only installed for a display at the 2023 Native Bee Expo. The ambient temperatures used in these charts is not taken from this sensor.

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