Rustic Splitting Box – went psychedelic

Here’s a very simply designed and built OATH. This box has no Honey Super and is not meant for Honey production.

Using rough sawn Cypress, I planed the side that goes on the inside of the box to get a nice fit and left the outside with a rough finish. There’s no gap filling, no sanding. So it’s actually technically quite neat on the inside of the box.


  • Timber: Cypress – Rough Sawn
  • Timber Thickness: 38mm
  • Design: OATH – 280mm x 200mm frames
  • Internal Volume:
  • Brood Supports: Cypress
  • Separator Plate: None – No Super
  • Coating:  Paint
  • Weight:

Below – The inside surfaced has been planed smooth for a nice fit…

Below – All fitting surfaces are smooth so there’s no gaps between the frames when together…

The end pieces are 200mm long. The side pieces are 204mm long plus the 38mm thickness of each end piece makes the overall box length of 280mm. Keeping to these OATH measurements means easy fitment with other standard OATHs in the future when splitting.

Below – The outside rough surface. Counter sunk Galvanised Screws gives the box a neat finish.

Below, boxes fixed together, and that was going to be the finished boxes…

Below – I decided to paint the boxes because they’ll be out in the weather…

Below – and then it went a bit weird and I got a little carried away with the paint…

At least the bees will have an individual home to easily recognise…


Below – This hive has been decorated by my neighbour, Treez and her grand daughters, 3 and 8 who were visiting her over Easter. Great fun art projects for the kids…. Excellent job!




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