Sampling in North Qld – Nidhi Chakma

While in North Qld I had the opportunity to assist in collecting samples of honey, pollen and propolis with Nidhi and Tim. Nidhi is analysing samples to see which species of plants the bees are using for their resources. Thanks to Roger at Mission Beach, Kylie at Etty Bay, Michael and Nadine in Cairns.

Nidhi’s – Linkedin “I am a PhD candidate at Griffith University, Australia. My research topic is about foraging behavior of Australian native stingless bees in macadamia and avocado orchard.
I am using technologies like DNA metabarcoding to understand the pollen preferences of bees and whether distance has an effect on their foraging pattern.”

Photos below: Rogers place at Mission Beach, with clypearis, sapiens and hockingsi

Photos below: Kylie had this vertical split hive with Tetragonula hockingsi

Photos below: Michael and Nadine’s in Cairns, very nice Red Cedar boxes and also a box full of character from local Paul Anderson

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