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Putting bees in to the Goodrich box

Finally i have one of Tony Goodrichs’ boxes, supplied by Melissa at Sydney Stingless Bees. These boxes are the most sold boxes in Australia and I thought it’d be good to have a look at them and try it out for myself.

Update: 20/01/2019

I split a hive box and will put the top half of this one on top of the Goodrich Box to begin transferring bees in to it.

Below, you can see entrance tube in the center of the photo. The bees build a long entrance tube that leads up in to the hive. This creates a good defense as any intruders have to make it a fair distance in to the tube and will be dealt with by hundreds of bees within the tube.

Below, the bottom half is the Goodrich Box.

Below, placed back in position to collect all the foragers waiting.

The box is supplied with small black entry tubes, these are intended to help with hive defense and to keep the rain out. I didn’t worry about it and left them off.

Update 25/06/2019

Below – Colony is going well and strong with plenty of activity

to be continued….

I’m also trying out Tim Heard’s Pollination Box – here’s the link to that article – Read More…

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