Coatings Test 2022

Box Building

After nearly six years since the last test, It’s time for a new coatings test!

I’ve added a couple of new products to my list to try. Doug Irvine uses the Intergrain Heavy Duty finish on his finger joint boxes so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve also recently been trying the Weatherfast Poly Clear and it seems quite good.

The best long lasting coating is exterior white paint but the main objective here is to find a decent clear coat that shows off the wood for the longest time before the coating and the wood starts to age and look dull or grey.

All my money is literally on the Intergrain Heavy Duty, because it costs $70 for 4 litres of UltraPrep and $153 for 4 Litres of Heavy Duty.

The previous test was done is 2016 – Link here:


  1. Intergrain UltraPrep + Heavy Duty
  2. Norhlass Weathefast Poly Clear
  3. Intergrain UltraDeck
  4. Intergrain UltraClear
  5. Feast & Watsons Tung Oil
  6. sample 6 in uncoated

Photo shows the sample boards, all with generous coats of the products. One board will be in full sun and weather, one board in the shade and one in the shed completely protected for comparisons.

Two samples of wood for each, Hoop Pine and Cypress

I’ll post update photos over the year…..