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Wooden Pegs

Wooden Pegs / Dowels for Native Bee Frame Construction

Wooden pegs or dowels can be used to pin frames together for that fancy box you’re making if you’re trying to get away from the exposed screw look. You can use any kind of wooden dowels bought from the hardware store. These will almost always be light coloured pine, or you can make your own from any wood you have laying around.

Below are a few examples using hand made pegs from Merbau and further down the page bought dowels of Victorian Ash.

Below: Drill hole. Use sticky tape around the drill bit as a depth guide.

Below: Cut wood to a suitable length and thickness for pegs.

Below: Shape the wood – sander etc. Glue and insert peg.

Below: Once glue is dry, cut off excess and sand flat.

Another box using 16mm thick Victorian Ash dowels bought as long lengths from hardware store

Front step held on with Cypress pegs/dowels…

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