Hive Haven

Hive Haven

I caught up with Ann and Jeff to get a quick update…

Jeff & Ann

Ann and Jeff have done a lot of work in the industry over the last few years to raise awareness about native bees and have quite a few demonstration hives at places like schools, retirement villages, zoos and also Parliament House Canberra. Ann played an integral part in setting up the Australian Native Bee Association with the quest to develop a Native Bee honey quality standard.

New Addition

Hive Haven use a unique design that is quite different to the standard native bee boxes we’re used to seeing. Hive Haven’s Version 9 box (pictured left) has been around for a while now having great success. Ann and Jeff are in constant development and have come up with an extension section (pictured right) that slots between the two sections which increases the internal volume. This can be added to the existing standard box.

Insulation & Data Logging

Hive Havens box design has always been focused on better insulation with a large empty cavity surrounding the internal colony that can be filled with anything from liquid to solid material.

Pictured below, three of their standard boxes set up with data loggers and three different types of insulation, Polystyrene, Water Gel and Saw Dust. Jeff is collecting data from all three and is happy to share the results in coming months. Jeff has been busy experimenting with Polystyrene insulation for a while now, trying to perfect the right density in the cavity. The end goal is a light weight, durable hive with good insulation capabilities.

Hive Haven at Mt Beerburrum

Ann worked with local council to develop and improve this area beside their property with the installation of four hives on stands, at the base of Mt Beerburrum where the new walking tracks start.

The Chef

Of course a visit wouldn’t be complete without a couple of beers and a wood fired pizza, along with plenty of industry discussion.


Boxes and Stingless Bee Honey can be purchased through their website.


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