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Layered OATH

This OATH size hive is made up of many pieces of Cypress, each piece is 35mm thick by 30mm high. This will create the layered effect for a raw timber hive.

I started with some rough sawn mill timber 100mm x 40mm

I planed it down to 35mm thick

I then sliced (Ripped) the 100mm width down to 30mm to get three pieces out of each length

Then cut the pieces to lengths that suit the design… OATH size is 200mm across the front and 280mm length. Each layer has a different configuration so you can see the end grain on each layer.

Below are all the pieces cut and sitting it place to check the design, nothing is glued. The left box is 35mm x 45mm, right box is 35mm x 30mm pieces

Both hives are now together and have been rough sanded. The end grain will be more noticeable when it’s oiled.

I’ve used a new method for the brood supports for these hives. Made from Cypress.

Below 35mm x 45mm

Below 35mm x 30mm


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