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(photo above) Update 2019 – I’m trying this design now, it’s 4mm hardwood ply. These seem to be less complicated to make for me. There’s ones mounted in both the top side of the base box and the under side of the middle brood box. When the boxes are placed together there’s a gap between the split bars. Bees tend not to build structure in a small gap like that so it’s easier to separate. There’s also a half circle cut out so there’s still a gap for them to move along the end of the box.

2017 – Brood support bars 10mm thick x 30mm wide and routing a 11mm deep section from the inside edge so the bars sit 1mm lower than the surface. These are glued and screwed in.

2016 – Brood supports a lot neater and simpler. I’ve made them wider and thicker than previous designs.

2015 – Below – Cypress Brood Supports

Below, Aluminium Support Bars

2014 – Below – Galvanised Strips

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