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In The Shed With Doug Irvine

Sometimes great opportunities come along in life and I consider this one, a day pottering in the woodshed with Doug Irvine!

Doug Irvine is a legend in the stingless bee world, creating works of art disguised as native bee boxes with a style and design that amazes customers and eludes box makers. It’s an effort that few will go to in the modern box making age.

I spent a day with Doug as he generously shared his secrets and demonstrated how he creates his masterpiece hive boxes. Doug is a wealth of knowledge and any opportunity to benefit from that, should be grabbed with both hands.

Doug is old school, from the country where if you wanted something you had to make it yourself, so he has made just about everything, making his own mill so he could mill the timber for the bee boxes. His shed is filled with things he’s made himself, from the 16 inch disc sander to his sheet metal bender. As I poked around his shed, I came to the realisation that he’s invented everything and we’re all trying to catch up.

Doug says that in the past he has usually been guarded about the way he makes his boxes but has come around to feel it’s important to share his knowledge with the community so he is offering the opportunity to spend a few hours with him in the shed where he demonstrates his processes. Mainly aimed at experienced box makers but if you like the idea of pottering around in a woodshed, watching Doug do some woodwork and sharing some stories i’d highly recommend you getting in touch.

Doug was planning to run some workshops in 2022 but these may be postponed due to Covid restrictions

Contact: These boxes can be purchased directly from Doug. *Note, old school, no emails, no texts, no messages, Call Doug Irvine 0418798131

Photos below….

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