Basic Observation Hive

Basic Observation Hive Box

I made a observation box recently that is like a Swiss Army Knife, being more complex with removable frames, so I wanted to also make a basic observation box that was easier to make and a cheaper option, though still trying to make it look nice so now there’s two options for observation boxes.

Below: Left – Deluxe box with removable frames, Right – Basic box

This has one single internal space with a volume of 6.2 litres. Of course you could easily make them different sizes, larger or smaller.

Tips for getting it set up

It’s up to you how you want to get bees in to the box. This process requires you to have some knowledge about Stingless Bees. There will be many different opinions on the best way to do it

Option 1. Transfer a colony. You can transfer some brood and a small amount of Propolis in to the box to help them get started. You’ll need to remove the clear window to gain access. The second version of the box has a removable rear panel.

Option 2. Budding/Eduction. This might be the best way to watch the bees build a new colony. I’ve added a hole in the side. This can be used for either a vent, or budding/eduction. See photo below…

Different positions

This box could be placed in different positions, as below…

Update…Rear access panel – Version 2

Most, if not all observation boxes require you to remove the clear window to access the box. If you want to do a transfer you remove the clear window and transfer the colony in to the box and re-attach the clear window. I’ve modified the design of these basic boxes to include a rear access panel. The rear panel can be removed with two screws to give access to the box without removing the clear window. ***I haven’t tried it out with a live colony yet so this needs some trials/