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BeeHealthy Festival Canungra

The Bee Healthy Festival held at Canungra Qld was organised by Alex of Little Bees Secret Garden and Donna of Owl Whole Foods. Starting Friday with the main day on Saturday. The shop drew a crowd with food sampling from different local suppliers and there was plenty of activity in the garden with people wondering through, sitting and chatting plants and bees.

Alex had some stingless bee honey for everyone to sample which was a big hit with people that didn’t know anything about native bees.

I had a wide range of stingless bee boxes on display and also some live colonies on display that people could look inside through observation panels. One recent split and a Budding/Eduction example. There was a lot of interest in the new display box and solitary bee observation blocks. I had what seemed to be an endless stream of people wanting to know all about native bees,

Phil – “Rivertree 2nd Chance” – makes these fantastic looking bee hotels

Little Bees Secret Garden is now hosting an Outhouse hive and a Log Cabin hive. Drop in and have a look.

Brian, his wife Soph and Peter Davenport came for a visit, thanks Brian!. I think Peter had a great time wondering through the garden and chatting to everyone.

Peter and Alex

Photo below: Left – Budding/Eduction example. Right – recent split. Many people had no idea about stingless bees and found these examples fascinating.

Pepi – “The Motel Cat”. Pepi belongs to the people that run the motel, but seems just to live at the Bookshop, wondering around the car park and sitting on the footpath ready for pats from people passing by.

An awesome couple of days in Canungra. I wanted to get more photos with people but was kept busy most of the time.

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