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Notice 2022: I believe Gayle has closed the shop in town and is now operating from her home at Eumundi

I had the pleasure of visiting Gayle at her busy Bees & Honey shop in Eumundi. Gayle has immersed herself in all things bees, even going all out with this fantastic Bee Keeper shirt. Eumundi has a popular market every weekend which fills the streets and shops with crowds.

The shop is mostly aimed at European Honey Bees, though Gayle does have quite a few Native Bee related items in the store. Gayle supports a lot of local producers with products from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and also all over Australia. There were a few Stingless Bee boxes on display from Doug Irvine, Tim Heard and John Klumpp. Native Bee books and Stingless Bee honey. Gayle is enthusiastic about all things bees and will grab you to chat about European or Native Bees, literally she’ll grab you so you can’t get away 🙂

Below: Local Stingless Bee honey from Hive Haven and also another local Stingless Bee keeper, Steve “The Bee Man” displayed along side local European Honey Bee honey.

There’s a large display hive in store on Market day that had plenty of people gathered around asking questions about the behaviour. There’s also a Stingless Bee display box in store on market day.

Gayle has a lot of knowledge about all things bees and runs workshops in the area. If you’re in the area for the markets or any other day drop in for a chat.

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