Jane Street Community Garden

Jane Street Community Garden covering 500 square metres at West End – Brisbane, is a community non profit organisation that has been running for ten years growing a wide variety of plants. The garden started out with two sponsored hives a few years ago and are slowly increasing their colonies. They have a few designs from different suppliers which you’ll notice in the photos.

Also scattered around the gardens are possum and micro bat boxes. You could see an occasional Ringtail Possum tail and fur hanging out of this box.

The community garden held a short two hour Native Bee workshop with Tim Heard demonstrating a couple of bee hive splits. Tims normal workshops are usually full day events covering a lot of information about the bees so this was a very trimmed version.

On the first split Tim used a small suction or vacuum type tube to gently remove honey directly from the honey pots, only taking a small amount for taste testing. It seemed to work quite well.

Above – Tim demonstrating how to set up a Budding/Eduction. This is where you can connect a new empty box to the entrance of an existing colony and produce a new colony. A lot of hive owners would have done a split in the past and also like to try other methods like Budding.

Using the magic of the camera phone to magnify images
Pointing out Queen cells in the Tetragonula Hockingsi colony

What great surroundings to be working in.

If you’d like to get involved with the garden you can find out more info here – Jane Street Community Garden website: http://www.janestgarden.org.au

Anyone is able to sponsor a Native Bee Hive at the garden. Here’s more information on that http://www.janestgarden.org.au/adopt-a-hive

These workshops are a great day out, suited for beginner to advanced. More events like this can be found on the Sugarbag website https://sugarbag.net

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