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Bee Expo 2016 – Photos

What a great day!

I went along to the Bee Expo at Imbil, met and chatted to a lot of great people. Awesome day. There were talks about pollination, Small Hive Beetle and Solitary Bees. Here’s a few photos… I checked out some different box makers, some very nice quality too.

How awesome is this hive!! Attention to detail was incredible. I didn’t see a price… there’d be a lot of hours in this…priceless?

There was a log transfer demonstration, …  in to a box

A great presentation about Solitary Bees by Tobias from Bee Aware

This log hive was donated for the raffle…

Ann from Hive Haven talked to me for a while about the progress of the 3D printed hive they are working on. They’ve invested a lot of time and money in this idea and will have a small quantity available soon for sale. They are planning to do some crowd funding to get the idea off the ground.

I chatted to Doug about his hives, he puts in a lot of time on these finger jointed hives.

Chris Fuller from Kin Kin Bees did a talk about Macadamia pollination, and has some cool looking hives and some tricky little Solitary blocks…

Wood burning designs on to hives from the Wood Workers Club… wow that’d take a while!!

a very cool log hive…

Some cool displays were scattered around the hall

The Honey Wall

Here’s more photos in the album

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