Observation Windows

If you keep looking you wont be able to see!

Observation windows have become quite popular in the native bee community, though not necessary and you shouldn’t let the lack of one turn you off a hive sale. They can be very interesting and handy for checking on your colony.

Light: Native Stingless Bees will naturally block out light or try to cover or protect their colony from the elements and create structures around their colony.

The best way to have a clearer viewing window for longer is not to look! Only look occasionally and for short periods.

Cleaning: You can remove the window and clean it like new, or replace it. This could get messy depending on the species and might be done after a few years if you’re keen and still interested.

Below: Vertical display tower. I might open this once a week for about 30 seconds. Approx four months old. Notice the entrance tunnel lower right in photo

Below: Another box that is rarely opened with a nice clear window. Opened maybe once every couple of months. Approx three years old.

Below: The Fairy Door Hive – This one gets direct sun in the morning. You can see in the top window where the bees are blocking out the light in the circle shape that gets in through the blacked out door window. The lower image shows you can still see the colony and brood. This box has also been opened more often for longer periods. Photo at approx eight months.

Below: The Log Cabin box. This box gets direct sun in the morning. It looks like there’s light getting in between the seems of where the roof comes off. You can see the light coloured Cadaghi resin around the edges of the window. Even though the edges are blocked out you can still see through the center, lower photo of the inside through the window. Approx four months old.

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