Busy Bee Season

There seems to be a surge in the popularity for Stingless Bees this year. Suppliers have long waiting lists and we’ve seen plenty of new people coming in to the online community chasing colonies.

Here’s some simple tips for new comers…

  • Native Stingless Bees will come in a box already. Don’t buy an empty box and then look for bees for it. Empty boxes are for people that already have bees and want to duplicate their colony. If you have already bought an empty box don’t throw it away, you will be able to use it in the future.
  • Try to get a 12 month guarantee with your box of bees. Try to buy from a well known seller. Random sellers on Facebook or Gumtree may be cheaper but the risk is higher. Sometimes colonies fail or die out over six months.
  • Joining a waiting list might be a good thing! Buy the book and learn all about bees before getting them, https://www.nativebeebook.com.au (This is not a paid advert)

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