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Log Cabin Hive

The Log Cabin Hive

I machined down a heap of timber to 35mm x 45mm

This is a basic mock-up with all layers just sitting in place, not fixed together…

I’ve rounded the edges of one layer, just to get started. All layers will be rounded off

  • Honey Super installed
  • Aluminium Brood Supports installed
  • Roof constructed – 25mm Cypress
  • Entry hole drilled
  • Bottom floor insert done

Placed in the garden for a photo… looks good I think…


Update: February 2018

I decided to set up one of my Log Cabins for Budding (Hive Duplication). This process could be done with just about any kind of empty box. I thought it might be better to do it this way than to split a hive because then you will have to split it back after a year to get the matching top and bottom boxes.

Having the removable top (honey super) and the clear Perspex windows allows you to check the progress for a while, atleast until the bees block it out with their structure.

After around six months the plug for the T piece fell out and the bees started to use the entrance. This makes four entrances in total. The Log Cabin front entrance and rear vent entrance and the yellow OATH front entrance and rear vent hole entrance. The bees used all four entrances regularly but most activity was the main entrance of the Log Cabin.


Update below: 14/01/2019

I’d like to say that i checked the box and noticed brood, but it was actually Melissa – Sydney Stingless Bees that was looking and noticed it. This is roughly one year from starting the budding process. It also demonstrates that sometimes the bees don’t block out the clear window as it was still fairly clear.



I wanted to add access to the top honey super area so i replaced the clear window with a new one that has a hole drilled in it. Maybe after a month i might open up the access to the top honey super area.


I disconnected the rear main hive and put a short piece of dowl in to plug the rear hole of the log cabin


I just angled the rear hive a little so the bees that were using the T piece entrance can still find the hive. I might move one of these hives to a new location to clear some space so the flight paths don’t interfere with each other.


Below: How cool is the clear resin around the entrance!


on to the next one!


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